Massage of 5 Continents

masszázsMagic and an invitation to the wonder of touch, to the acknowledgement of our body and ourselves, to the acceptance of the wonder of life. A completely new technique straight from Switzerland from Olivier Honsperger. The magical combination of touch, presence, kindness, music and essential oils changed my whole life. A harmonious combination of massage techniques used in different parts of the world (Swedish, Lomi-Lomi, Ayurvedic, Hawaiian, Californian and Asian tuina massage) with a fantastic energetic treatment experience.

Expanse Therapy

expanseIn February, I went to Paris to meet the creator of the Massage of 5 Continents, Olivier Honsperger. I was lucky enough to meet not only him, but the brand new holistic he and Flavie Fernandez created, called Expanse Therapy designed to increase the joy and vitality of life, in addition to offering real relief and real emotional release.

Life Head Lift

LHLThe latest unique treatment of Massage of 5 Continents is called Life Head Lift, which is officially the Federation's special luxury beauty treatment, but I can say as I experience that it is much more.

Although the LHL treatment physically touches several points of the head, face and neck, energetically it works on the whole body and penetrates deep into our cells.

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