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Creating Beyond Self-Sabotage

Are the following situations familiar to you? 👀
- You have a lot of ideas, but you don't get to implement them.🤷‍♀️
- (This is also why) you are in continuous self-abuse and self-blame 😢
- When you finally start, you always run into difficulties.🤦‍♀️
- You constantly compare yourself to others.😒
- You constantly have financial difficulties: for example, where do you finally have money, do unexpected expenses appear mysteriously? or You are constantly creating debt...etc. 🤔😨
- "There's always something". Have you ever heard this before? 
These are all signs that you are in SELF-SABOTAGE. 🙁🙈
However, the good news is that you are NOT ALONE with this!
AND what's even better is that ALL OF THIS CAN BE CHANGED! 😍😍
In this series, we look at what is possible for you if you stop self-sabotaging,
we look at the underlying limiting reasons, beliefs, secret intentions, and subconscious programs.

Where and why do you reject real success and happiness?!
Here is the Program:
May 30. 19:30 Free Taster
Zoom link where you can join:
Meeting ID: 842 6040 2792
Passcode: Sabotage
6th of June: Our self-sabotage in Creation
13th of June: Creating the Life You Really Desire
Your contribution to the 2 calls: 65 euro - 1 call 35 euro
Translation is available in: hungarian, portugal, turkish, spanish, romanian - if you need another language message me.
I am waiting for you with love!

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