About me


I am Andrea Tóth, teacher, coach and a devotee of the holistic approach fan of bodies.

I was lucky as when I was 14 my mum took me to a reiki class and from that time we were practising it all the time in the family. 

Later I learnt more types of massages and energetic healing techniques. I loved experiencing energy work and how it has amazing effects and can create immediate changes in people’s lives. More and more I was interested in bodies as I realized how much they are powerful and have their own intelligence.

I love teaching and actually I was always teaching in my life.

Teaching energy work and massages I started in 2018. I worked also with babies and parents. It was an amazing experience to see how much babies were happy and what a special intimate space and connection was created between the parents and the babies by our coowork.

I worked a lot also with essential oils, massage techniques combined with essential oils and healing touch techniques combined with them. I had classes in 9 countries in the last 2 years.

I realized more and more from people’s feedbacks that I have some special, gentle still powerful energy and space in which people can go through huge transformation, let go deep pains, traumas which do not allow them to live their own life and shine in the world by being themselves. I love to contribute and be this space for change.I have been dealing with energy treatments since I was a child, starting with reiki, then with different energy treatments, massages and now progressing further with the Harmony of Imbodiment.

In addition, in the online space, within the framework of Inner Child Healing Processes, meditations, individual coaching processes and workshops on a specific topics, I contribute to all those who are open to change and create a better life by exploring the depths of themselves.

I am grateful that my job is so wonderful.

I look forward to seeing you in person or online.

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