Energetic Cleansing of Properties

haztisztitashonlapEvery real estate, plot of land has its own energy, "soul". However, I have experienced many times that either the energy of the previous owners or other, low-vibration energies and entities that drain the energy of the land and the house/apartment can cause the current residents and owners' lives not to be smooth, joyful and the place itself not nourishing.

How do you know that energy cleaning is recommended?

  • unpleasant feeling of discomfort in the property
  • physical symptoms that only appear in certain places, allergies, headaches, apathy...etc - even depression, fear, panic attacks
  • strange, inexplicable, even mystical happenings
  • as if in the property we are not alone
  • money is flowing out of our hands
  • difficulties in our lives, which are not justified by other internal/external reasons
  • many quarrels with loved ones - only when we are in the property

I can also contribute if there is no progress for a long time in the case of a property for sale or rent.

Energetic cleaning fee: 60 euro - one session

If more sessions are required, I work based on individual agreement.

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