Inner Child Healing

innerchildnewInner Child Healing

My experiences so far show that the majority of people have 2 main reasons why they have difficulties in their relationships, personal life or career.

1. Unprocessed childhood emotions and traumas

2. Denial of their own power

As children, on the one hand, we are one with our parents, on the other hand, we instinctively strive for safety, so we involuntarily take on our parents' feelings, emotions, and injuries, and most of the time we take them on.

In addition, it is often experienced that if we dare to exist happily in joy, in our fullness, it is not unconditionally supported by our environment.

This is how we gradually learn how to "not be ourselves" in order to fit in, be accepted and loved. We develop masks and defense mechanisms.

However, the Inner Child is hiding in us, waiting for us to acknowledge it, to love it and to receive the love and security it really needed to be fully itself again.

Suppressed emotions and the child in us can be triggered even in ordinary situations, the child can awaken in us, so to speak, and thus we act with our current, adult self out of a sudden, often violent reaction, often out of anger and fear.

We often wish to receive the security, love, and recognition we desired in childhood from our environment, even from our partner, or from our successes at work.

However, only we can give ourselves the love and healing.

I am creating group and individual processes, providing you with a safe space, tools, and my knowledge to start healing your damaged parts.

Individual online option:

30-minute free consultation

4 session – 200 euro – 50 euro/session

8 session – 370 euro – 46 euro/session

Actual group opportunity at the link below.

I look forward to seeing you!

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